El Ayuntamiento de Son Servera pone en marcha un Punto de Accesibilidad Universal en la Playa de Na Marins de Cala Bona


At the Accesible Point on Cala Bona Beach we have an amphibious wheelchair service and special equipment for disabled persons, as well as staff to assist you and reserved parking spaces.

  • Parking: Two reserved disabled parking spaces in Na Llambies Street
SGAU Aparcamientos
  • Accessible taxi: Son Servera taxi service has an accessible taxi available for customers who require it. To book the accessible taxi, contact the Cala Millor Taxi Service on +34 971 586 969.
  • Tactile indicator paving: To assist the visually challenged, linking the reserved parking spaces and the beach access, making the walk safer and easier

SGAU Pavimento

  • Beach access ramp: A 25-metre ramp with an incline no greater than 6 % and accessible handrails at two heights on both sides.

SGAU Rampa 

  • Walkways across the sand: Continuous walkways with lateral coloured strips to help disabled persons easily and safely reach the bathrooms, the areas especially reserved for them and the sea.

SGAU Pasarelas

  • Bathrooms: Includes toilets for men and women and an accessible bathroom. The latter has a private shower. The cabins have signage in Braille.

SGAU Cabinas sanitarias

  • Shady zone: A shaded area of 21 square metres where you can prepare for your swim in comfort.

SGAU Zona de sombra

  • Reserved beach umbrellas: Cala Bona Beach has reserved accessible umbrellas near the walkway giving users easy access. These umbrellas display the International Symbol of Access.
  • Support equipment: We have an amphibious wheelchair, several sets of amphibious crutches, a walker and flotation equipment for those who need it.

SGAU Caminador SGAU Crosses

  • Assisted bathing: Qualified support staff will be on hand to help you. The service must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance by telephoning +0034 617 351 733 between 10 am and 6 pm. On request we can also help you get from the taxi rank.



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