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With the intention of improving quality of life for residents and visitors, Son Servera Town Council continues to be committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities. One of its priority objectives is to achieve an accessible environment for all, avoiding wherever possible limitations and barriers that could impede free access to all the municipality's services and areas.

For this reason, Son Servera Town Council has initiated the Universal Accessibility Policy project in accordance with the following principles of continuous action:

  • To comply with current legislation and any other voluntary commitments signed up to, in particular the UNE 170001 Standard regarding universal accessibility and the DALCO criteria (Ambulation, Apprehension, Location and Communication).
  • To continuously improve the efficiency of the Universal Accessibility Management System and any other measure signed up to through the introduction and maintenance of those processes and procedures necessary to obtain continuous improvement in universal accessibility to the surroundings and the facilities they offer.
  • To periodically establish objectives for universal accessibility and to control decidedly, efficiently and periodically all aspects associated with the related processes and services.
  • To motivate, raise awareness among, educate and train the staff involved and act as a model for our users and for society in general.
  • To keep communications lines and channels open to inform, listen and talk with all interested parties, especially to improve our universal accessibility, as well as to discover the degree of satisfaction and needs of our users.

In this way, the Town Council commits to providing the necessary resources for the development and implementation of its policy, additionally committing to review this policy and listen to the new demands and suggestions of our users wherever necessary, while remaining permanently focused on continuous improvement.

Son Servera, 1 April 2014

Margarita Vives Andreu
Councillor for Tourism, Fairs, Festivals and Modernisation, Son Servera Town Council



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